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Transition between Sections

This is when the Youth move from the Keas Section up to Cubs, The Cub Section up to Scouts, The Scout Section up to Venturers and then The Venturer Section up to Rovers, or they may decide to stay with the group and become a Leader or both.

Moving up a section is a conversation you would have with your section leader and it would be between the Leader, Parent and Youth Member.

When a decision is made about when the Youth will move up a section we will transfer the Youth's details over in our Online Scout Manager so it can be a seamless transition .

There is a charge of $10 to Transition from one section to another which covers a new Section Woggle, Section Badge, and Previous Section Membership Link Badge. You also have the option of purchasing the New Section Handbook.


Section Handbooks are either available as a QR Code that you will be sent or you can order a Hard Copy Section Handbook through the Group  They are $20 each.

 You will be sent an invoice. 

We are moving all sections to having the same size larger scarf, so the Group will provide a new one if your current scarf is too small. Eventually the scarf you started with will stay with you for your entire scout journey.


The Uniform is the same for each section, the only change will be swapping the Section badge to the new Section badge and then adding the Membership Section Link Badge above. 

If you need to purchase a new uniform because the Youth has grown out it it, you can either ask our Group Leader if we have an 2nd hand items we can swap you with, or go to our Uniform page and you can place an order with our Group Leader for a larger size.

Please consider donating your old uniform to the Group Leader so we can use them for swapping out sizes or so we can lessen the joining fee for new members.

My child is moving up a section; what do I need to do to help them prepare? 


When the time comes to move up to the next age range, a young person can have mixed feelings: excitement at moving on, sadness at leaving friends behind. Making the transition as smooth as possible goes a long way to helping your child settle into their new section. 

Section Badges and Membership Links

scout section.jpg
scout section.jpg
Venturer Section.jpg
Rover Section.jpg


Tuesday 2nd July 5.15pm-6.15pm Meet at BHB Hall

Thursday 4th July 5.15pm-6.15pm . Meet at BHB Hall


Tuesday 2nd July 6.30pm-8.30pm Zone Bowling Henderson

Thursday 4th July

6.30pm-8.30pm Zone Bowling Henderson


Monday Scouts are meeting on Tuesday 2nd July  6.30pm-8.30pm Zone Bowling Henderson

Thursday Scouts 4th July6.30pm-8.30pm Zone Bowling Henderson


Monday 1st July Meet at BHB Hall 7.00pm-8.45pm

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