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Joining Fee:

This includes your 1st Term Group fee at a discount                                              

Official Grey Scout Shirt with Zone, Group and Section Badge                                                    Group Black Activity T-shirt                                                                                                       Group Scarf and Woggle upon investiture

Section Handbooks are either available as a QR Code that you will be sent or you can order a Hard Copy Section Handbook through the Group . They are $20 each

Joining Fee Total Cost $155 (without Section Handbook)    

Joining Fee Total Cost $175 (Including Section Handbook)

Once we receive your Application for your Free Trial you will be invited to come along and check it about before you decide to join. We will then send you a link to fill in the Application to Join or Click the link below .We will then send you an invoice for the joining fee and organise your Uniform.

If you already have some second-hand items or would would like a 2nd hand Uniform, please contact the Group Leader so we can reduce the joining fee.

Group Leader Toni Moffatt 02102916079     


It is desirable that members wear black shorts or longs which are purchased by you


Term Fees: Keas, Cubs, Scout, Venturers     $130 per term


Please note that your first Term is already included in the Joining Fee.

You will be sent an invoice for your 2nd Term.                                                               

We offer a 10% discount for a 2nd Child and a 50% discount for a 3rd Child


We offer FREE Fees for Parents who become a leader.                                                                                                                                                                          

All purchases including Camps will be sent an Invoice via Xero.




Tuesday 9th April 5.15pm-6.15pm Meet at BHB Hall

Thursday 11th April 5.15pm-6.15pm . Meet at BHB Hall


Wednesday 10th April  6.30pm-8.00pm Paradise laser tag


Monday 8th April West wave

Thursday 11th April TBC


Monday 8th April 7.00pm-8.45pm BHB Hall

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